Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nothing Could be Finer Than to Be in a Diner. . .

. . . in the morning.  Or for lunch with friends! 

Last Friday Erika, Sean, and I traveled to Culpeper to meet the Leeds girls at the Frost Cafe.  What a hoot!  And what a cute little town Culpeper is - I had no idea.

(Swiped these two shots from
A neat old-fashioned diner, with formica tables, large vinyl booths, and plenty of seating at the extra-long counter.
Check out those light fixtures and the swivel stools!

The food was good!  Could be the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!  I am told that it's best to order the fries "extra crispy."  (I think that means 'please leave them in the hot oil until they've reached their maximum grease absorbency.') 

Since Jane and I like to meet for lunch, we plan on returning to Culpeper to sample more of the eateries and stores.  But it's always more fun when we bring along friends.
Katherine, Janie-Poo, and Jennifer

As we walked down the street to our cars, we came upon an old-styled hardware store.  Jane and I got so excited, but the Leeds girls could not understand why! 

Well here's why girls . . .
They have squeaky hardwood floors, a very distinct smell,
AND they have really cool stuff . . .
. . . like Radio Flyer cars for Sean!
.....Pfau's anyone?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I Hate Camping

I hate camping because:
It requires driving or, worse yet, hiking into nowhere.
It often means carrying one's bed on one's back.  please.
It means no running water of the blessed indoor-kind, which, of course, means no toilet.
It means no TV.
It means bedtime comes at about 6:30 - see above - (not bad for kids, but not for me.)
And, as if that were not enough unpleasantness, it means NO POWER.  AT ALL.

The Chang family would be living the camping life if it were not for the fabulous good fortune that they live near US (refer to blog title), and we did NOT lose power.  Especially sweet, since we have very effective air-conditioners and it has been close to or over 100 degrees since the storm.  

Last Friday, Virginia withstood a derecho.  Now who knew what that was?  Be honest.  You've never heard of it.  To quote Wikipedia, it is a wide-spread, long-lived, straight-lined windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms.  It wreaked havoc on the mid-Atlantic states, leaving well over a million homes with NO POWER.  

>>Erin and Dean lost power.  Caroline and Pei lost power.  So that meant . . .

. . .YIPEE!  We got to have a huge sleepover!  The entire fam-damily (except for Brian, who was back in the safety of Chicago) moved in and slept over Saturday night!  I had no idea just how close a family could be!  The Maupins got power back on Sunday, but the Chang Gang is still here (it's Thursday)!   Which brings me to the point of this post:

This is what 2 1/2-year old Avery does while "camping" at Poppy and Gee's house;

  Please note that the iPad is PLUGGED IN!