Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Gate

This is my current baby gate:
It's too wide, too clunky, and just plain ugly.
Last week, while stalking one of my favorite sewing bloggers, Karen, from Sew Many Ways, I came across her little bit of genius to keep tots and dogs from heading up the stairs:  PVC gate.
After a quick trip to Lowe's for PVC pipe ($4.00) and a quick trip across the street to Joann's for fabric ($12.00), I put the whole thing together in about 20 minutes.

It's a perfect length, lightweight, and so cute!

Karen's tutorial is great!  The gate looks like this on the inside:

And from Lenny's viewpoint, things went from this:
to this:
Love it!


  1. This is perfect timing for me. I daycare my newest grandson Avery who is 6 months old now and is starting to crawl and explore everything. I found one baby gate on a garage sale but I need more. I'm for sure going to make this. I have opennings that are bigger than the gates are made for. So this will solve my problem. I daycare my grandson while I sew t-shirt quilts. I have started using my facebook page to help promote my business but I'm starting to think I need a blog for my business. I love your blog and its many helpful tips and of course I love all you sewing ideas!

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