Friday, May 4, 2012

Barbie Cake for Ellery

I don't know how it happened, but Ellery became a four-year-old last week.  In her honor, and to help out her very busy mommy, I created this Barbie Cake. 

And here is the birthday girl!


  1. I went back in your blog and see that these cuties are your grandchildren. Lucky you. I won't be blessed with any as our children have both decided not to have children. I am so sad but it is their choice. Happy Mother's Day

  2. Donna, my 36 year old twin daughters aren't going to have children, either. :( I suppose that could change, but I won't hold my breath. However, we're hoping that one day our 20 year old daughter will give us at least one grand baby. We might have to wait awhile, though!

    And, Kate, is there anything you CAN'T do, girl????:)