Friday, January 6, 2012

HOUSE PARTY...Gingerbread style!

Before we get too far into 2012, I need to get these photos posted – they are now four weeks old!

I have been having gingerbread house parties for several years, and I hope I have dozens more!  This year, the grandchildren, minus Baby Sean, and a few of their friends were in attendance.  I think they loved it! 

It helps to bake and assemble the houses a few days before the kids come over.

(I made some gingerbread men and ornaments for fun.)

Then the candy fun begins! 

Mary Wade helps her little Mick with the icing~ 

These two, Ellery and Grant, have a slight advantage with a pastry chef for a mom!

Ellery is concentrating so hard~

Jet is an old pro.

I have no idea what was in Avery’s little backpack, but it must have been important!

Marley got the hang of using the pastry bag in no time.

Jet and his best buddy, Olivia, had a great time, and just about covered their houses in sugary goodness.

This is the entire neighborhood!


  1. Adorable! RE: Avery's highly important backpack... don't you just love how they get so funny about the most random things? My kids will do that once in a while & refuse to put something down, leave it in the car, etc. etc. etc. Cracks me up!