Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card 2011 - with the Kissing Bandit

THIS is the Kissing Bandit.

Here is how the little Bandit complicated the process of this year's Christmas card:
We started with Ellery holding Baby Sean.

Then we gave Sean to Jet.

Mom peeled him off.

Tried an M&M distraction,
which didn't work.

Then we moved to the back yard.

He just LIKES to kiss people!

And honestly,

he's completely IRRESISTIBLE!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Sean.

That's the name the little cousins have given to sweet Sean McMahon.  What a doll he is.
It is impossible to be the same kind of grandmother to Sean that I am to the little ones who live nearby.  I have not had nearly enough time with him his first six month because of cancer treatment.  I hope now, with that in the past, our visits will become more frequent.  He and Erika were here for Thanksgiving, which was a real treat.  He's about the size of a compact car, making him quite a load for me, but he's the sweetest little guy in the world.

He is also a fantastic model for the little outfits I make:
More on the outfits later...