Monday, November 7, 2011

New England Trip

I know.  I'm an embarrassment to bloggers everywhere.  Oh well.

Chuck and I drove to Vermont on October first to visit Dave and Nancy Shipps, our dear OLD friends from California/Colorado.   It has been 8 years since our last meeting on Lake Hortonia.
Chuck and Dave huddled close to the ever-burning fire, since it was very cold in Vermont.  

They did take a boat trip. Their agility seems to fade along with their hair color.

And Chuck finally caught the big one:

Look at this beautiful chicken we saw while on a drive:

We also went to a pumpkin patch:

And we saw some of the devastating damage from Hurricane Irene.  This empty space was once occupied by a pizza shop.

One of my favorite reasons for visiting Dave and Nancy's cabin is watching the little chipmunks.  Honestly, isn't he adorable?  Dorian?  What do you think?
 Even though I froze, we had a wonderful time.  
Thank you, dear friends!

Then we drove to Connecticut to stay with Birdie and Dorian Olivera. 

Birdie is a fabulous cook! 
Note to self:  Get her tomatillo chicken recipe.
And the lasagna.
And the apple spice cake. 

When we lived in Connecticut, I loved to take an October drive to Rogers Orchard in Southington.  Normally, the fall colors would be magnificant, but not this year.  We barely saw a glimmer of color this year.  But the orchard was great.
Love the apple displays at Rogers:

The second night, the "old gang" joined us for dinner.
The boys.
The girls.
The twins!
Aside from the bone-chilling cold, which I blame on the apparent blood-thinning that chemo has provided, we had a great trip!

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  1. Well, i LOVE the twins photo! But, I don't like hearing how cold you were! Now post your beautiful sewing projects!