Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card 2011 - with the Kissing Bandit

THIS is the Kissing Bandit.

Here is how the little Bandit complicated the process of this year's Christmas card:
We started with Ellery holding Baby Sean.

Then we gave Sean to Jet.

Mom peeled him off.

Tried an M&M distraction,
which didn't work.

Then we moved to the back yard.

He just LIKES to kiss people!

And honestly,

he's completely IRRESISTIBLE!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Sean.

That's the name the little cousins have given to sweet Sean McMahon.  What a doll he is.
It is impossible to be the same kind of grandmother to Sean that I am to the little ones who live nearby.  I have not had nearly enough time with him his first six month because of cancer treatment.  I hope now, with that in the past, our visits will become more frequent.  He and Erika were here for Thanksgiving, which was a real treat.  He's about the size of a compact car, making him quite a load for me, but he's the sweetest little guy in the world.

He is also a fantastic model for the little outfits I make:
More on the outfits later...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses

No pillowcases used here.  I use a width of material and follow Nancy Zieman's method, adding a 3-inch trim and some ribbon to the bottom.

Close up of the 'up and down' ribbon trim:
Sweet Avery looked adorable in her dress on Thanksgiving:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My new friend NED.

Otherwise known as 'no evidence of disease'.   REMISSION.  Hooray for chemo!

It's been an interesting journey, but I'm getting off the train. And I hope to remain off forever. I will continue on a maintenance drug called Avastin every three weeks for 15 more treatments, but the stuff that gave me this nice polished look is over.
Thank you to all you have prayed for me since April.  It's impossible to describe how much it has meant to me.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New England Trip

I know.  I'm an embarrassment to bloggers everywhere.  Oh well.

Chuck and I drove to Vermont on October first to visit Dave and Nancy Shipps, our dear OLD friends from California/Colorado.   It has been 8 years since our last meeting on Lake Hortonia.
Chuck and Dave huddled close to the ever-burning fire, since it was very cold in Vermont.  

They did take a boat trip. Their agility seems to fade along with their hair color.

And Chuck finally caught the big one:

Look at this beautiful chicken we saw while on a drive:

We also went to a pumpkin patch:

And we saw some of the devastating damage from Hurricane Irene.  This empty space was once occupied by a pizza shop.

One of my favorite reasons for visiting Dave and Nancy's cabin is watching the little chipmunks.  Honestly, isn't he adorable?  Dorian?  What do you think?
 Even though I froze, we had a wonderful time.  
Thank you, dear friends!

Then we drove to Connecticut to stay with Birdie and Dorian Olivera. 

Birdie is a fabulous cook! 
Note to self:  Get her tomatillo chicken recipe.
And the lasagna.
And the apple spice cake. 

When we lived in Connecticut, I loved to take an October drive to Rogers Orchard in Southington.  Normally, the fall colors would be magnificant, but not this year.  We barely saw a glimmer of color this year.  But the orchard was great.
Love the apple displays at Rogers:

The second night, the "old gang" joined us for dinner.
The boys.
The girls.
The twins!
Aside from the bone-chilling cold, which I blame on the apparent blood-thinning that chemo has provided, we had a great trip!

Monday, October 10, 2011

To Alaska and back!

For someone who rarely leaves her own backyard, cruising Alaska is really stepping out!  Thom Nulty took us (and Carolyn) on a wonderful cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver in September.  This post is photo heavy, but these are just a FEW of the beautiful photos from our trip.

This is Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas.
Can't figure out which was ours!

Chuck taking in the magnificent scenery.

This is Hubbard Glacier.  It was truly awsome!  It "calves" off icebergs the size of 10-story buildings.

Calving is what caused the splash in the foreground below.

We rode the world's largest zipline in Icy Strait Point.  That was a BLAST!

These are some of the towel critters made by our stateroom attendant, Joel.

My favorite was the elephant:

And this is Joel (and me):

Thom, our special friend, how do we say thank you?
We love you.